The .357 Revolver is a ranged weapon that fires .357 Rounds. It can only be equipped in Secondary Slots.

Overview Edit

The .357 Revolver is a .357 caliber double-action revolver manufactured by AC Tactical. It can load a maximum of 6 .357 rounds in its chamber.

The .357 Revolver features a stainless steel frame, rubber combat grips, tritium-illuminated handgun night sights, and a 6-inch (15 cm) barrel with an "AC Tactical" engraving.

A rare, named variant of the .357 Revolver exists, called the Grimey Rick.

Properties Edit

Hitbox Damage
Head 510
Torso 51
Upper Arms 25.5
Lower Arms 12.75
Legs 25.5

The .357 Revolver boasts higher accuracy and stopping power than other handguns like the 9mm Handgun, HK45, and M1911-A1, at the cost of reduced ammunition capacity, lower rate of fire, higher recoil, and slower reloads.

Supported Attachments Edit

The .357 Revolver features 2 attachment slots:

Trivia Edit

  • The .357 Revolver is based on the Colt Python
  • The .357 Revolver was added to the game in Patch #10

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