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The 12-Gauge Buckshot is a type of firearm ammunition, as well as a crafting component and product.


The 12-Gauge Buckshot is a shotgun shell, which consists of multiple medium diameter pellets.

When fired from a shotgun, 6 shot pellets follow a spread pattern that grows in size as the range increases. This makes the cartridge very powerful in close-quarter engagements, but less effective at longer ranges.

12-Gauge Buckshot rounds may be found in piles of up to 10, or spawn loaded in their compatible magazine.

Compatible Weapons[]

12-Gauge Buckshot may be used with the following weapons:

Compatible Magazines[]

12-Gauge Buckshot is typically loaded directly into the shotgun, however, it may be loaded into the following magazine used by the THOR-12:

  • 12gauge AA12 48.png 8Rnd 12ga Buckshot Mag


The 12-Gauge Buckshot is required to craft the following items:

  • TrapShotgunSide2mPacked 48.png Shotgun (Side) Trap 2m
  • TrapShotgunSidePacked 48.png Shotgun (Side) Trap
  • PipebombPickup 48.png Pipebomb


The following resources are required to craft ten (10) 12-Gauge Buckshot: