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The 5-ton Truck is a vehicle in Miscreated.


The 5-ton Truck is a 6x6, 10-seater military transport vehicle. It is a large utility truck with two seats for the driver and a passenger in the front cab, and eight seats for additional passengers in the rear flatbed.

While in the driver's seat, the operator can sound the horn by pressing the E key, toggle the vehicle's rear cabin lights by pressing the T key, and toggle the vehicle's headlights by pressing the L key.

Only 2 5-ton Trucks may be spawned and used around the map at any given time, and they have a vehicle despawn timer of 72 hours.


The 5-ton Truck has a moderate top speed, and good acceleration. Its covered driver and passenger cabins provide limited protection against small arms fire. The 5-ton Truck's height makes it a popular base-raiding vehicle.


The 5-ton Truck has an inventory with slots for the following:


  • The 5-ton Truck was added to the game in Patch #30