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5.56x45 Rounds are a type of firearm ammunition, as well as a crafting product.


The 5.56x45 Round is an intermediate firearm cartridge. 5.56x45 Rounds may be found in piles of up to 30, or spawn loaded in their compatible magazines.

Compatible Weapons[]

5.56x45 Rounds may be used with the following weapons:

Compatible Magazines[]

5.56x45 Rounds may be loaded into the following magazines:


A maximum of 30 5.56x45 rounds will stack in an inventory slot. Ammunition boxes either found in-game or crafted can increase the storage capacity of this same inventory slot to 200 rounds of 5.56x45. This works best for storing ammunition in base storage as each ammo box weighs 5 kg.

The following ammunition boxes are available in-game to store 5.56x45 ammunition:


The following resources are required to craft 5.56x45 Rounds: