The 870 Tactical 12ga is a ranged weapon that fires shotgun cartridges. It can only be equipped in Primary Slots.

Overview Edit

"Does same damage as normal shotgun, but slightly better behavior and weighs less." - Jenilya

The 870 Tactical 12ga is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. It can load a maximum of 10 compatible 12-gauge shotgun cartridges of the same variant in its magazine tube.

The 870 Tactical 12ga features a tan, polymer buttstock and forend, as well as an extended tactical choke tube at the end of the barrel. The weapon model also features an optic rail on the top of the receiver, although this appears to be purely cosmetic, and unusable.

Properties Edit

Hitbox Damage
Head 10
Torso 1
Upper Arms 0.5
Lower Arms 0.25
Legs 0.5
Main article: 12-Gauge Bean Bag

The bean bag round is a special, non-lethal type of ammunition. A player target hit by a bean bag will receive an instant increase of 69% in torpidity, while losing 30% stamina.

Hitbox Damage
Head 200 (per pellet)
Torso 20 (per pellet)
Upper Arms 10 (per pellet)
Lower Arms 5 (per pellet)
Legs 10 (per pellet)
Main article: 12-Gauge Buckshot

The buckshot consists of multiple medium diameter pellets. When fired, the shot pellets follow a spread pattern that grows in size as the range increases.

Hitbox Damage
Head 850
Torso 85
Upper Arms 42.5
Lower Arms 21.25
Legs 42.5
Main article: 12-Gauge Slug

The slug is a single, large projectile. It offers the benefits of range and accuracy over buckshot cartridges.

Compared with the AT-12 Shotgun, the 870 Tactical 12ga's polymer parts make it 1kg lighter. The latter also has a slightly higher rate of fire, giving it a higher Damage Per Second (DPS) output.

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The 870 Tactical 12ga features 3 attachment slots:

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