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The AM-5 Vertical Foregrip is a weapon attachment.


The AM-5 Vertical Foregrip is a weapon accessory that can be attached to certain ranged weapons. It attaches to the weapon's Picatinny rail, below the barrel, and is held by the shooter's forward hand (off hand).

When attached, it reduces the recoil and muzzle climb generated from firing the weapon.

Vertical Foregrips are usually found in military structures, such as army tents, barracks, or bunkers.

Compatible Weapons[]

The AM-5 Vertical Foregrip may be used with the following weapons:


  • The AM-5 Vertical Foregrip was added to the game in Beta 1.0
  • Prior to the Beta 1.0 update, the default weapon model of the Mod16 Assault came with a fixed vertical foregrip