The AP85 is a ranged weapon that fires 9mm Rounds.

Overview Edit

The AP85 is a Czech semi-automatic, magazine-fed 9mm handgun. It fires up to 19 9mm rounds from the 19Rnd AP85 9mm magazine.

The AP85 features tritium-illuminated handgun night sights, aluminium grips, and a Picatinny rail on the dust cover for additional weapon accessories.

Properties Edit

Hitbox Damage
Head 105
Torso 35
Upper Arms 17.5
Lower Arms 8.75
Legs 17.5

Of all the 9mm handguns featured in the game, the AP85 does the most damage per round. However, it is also the only 9mm handgun (besides the craftable handguns) that does not support a suppressor attachment.

Supported Attachments Edit

The AP85 features 2 attachment slots:

Weapon Skins Edit

The following weapon skins are available for the AP85:

Preview (click to enlarge)
AP85 Bronze 2048
AP85 Bronze Skin
AP85 Bronze Skin.
AP85 Desert 2048
AP85 Desert Skin
AP85 Desert Skin.
AP85 Desert camo 2048
AP85 Desert Camo Skin
AP85 Desert Camo Skin.
AP85 Gold 2048
AP85 Gold Skin
AP85 Gold Skin.
AP85 Green 2048
AP85 Green Skin
AP85 Green Skin.
AP85 Grey 2048
AP85 Grey Skin
AP85 Grey Skin.
AP85 UrbanCamoBlue 2048
AP85 Urban Blue Camo Skin
AP85 Urban Blue Camo Skin.
AP85 Woodland 2048
AP85 Woodland Skin
AP85 Woodland Skin.
AP85 WoodlandHex 2048
AP85 Woodland Hex Skin
AP85 Woodland Hex Skin.
AP85 Silver 2048
AP85 Silver Skin
AP85 Silver Skin.
Iron Sons' Cache (DLC exclusive).

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