The AT-12 Shotgun is a ranged weapon that fires shotgun cartridges.

Overview Edit

The AT-12 Shotgun is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. It can load a maximum of 10 compatible 12-gauge shotgun cartridges of the same variant in its magazine tube.

The AT-12 Shotgun features a walnut stock, a cobalt blue steel barrel and receiver, as well as a hair trigger.

A modified, compact version of the AT-12 Shotgun exists, called the Sawed off AT-12 Shotgun.

Properties Edit

Hitbox Damage
Head 3
Torso 1
Upper Arms 0.5
Lower Arms 0.25
Legs 0.5
Main article: 12-Gauge Bean Bag

The bean bag round is a special, non-lethal type of ammunition. A player target hit by a bean bag will receive an instant increase of 69% in torpidity, while losing 30% stamina.

Hitbox Damage
Head 60 (per pellet)
Torso 20 (per pellet)
Upper Arms 10 (per pellet)
Lower Arms 5 (per pellet)
Legs 10 (per pellet)
Main article: 12-Gauge Buckshot

The buckshot consists of multiple medium diameter pellets. When fired, the shot pellets follow a spread pattern that grows in size as the range increases.

Hitbox Damage
Head 180
Torso 60
Upper Arms 30
Lower Arms 15
Legs 30
Main article: 12-Gauge Slug

The slug is a single, large projectile. It offers the benefits of range and accuracy over buckshot cartridges.

Compared with the 870 Tactical 12ga, the AT-12's wooden parts make it 1kg heavier. Additionally, the AT-12's older design gives it a slightly lower rate of fire, resulting in a lower Damage Per Second (DPS) output.

Supported Attachments Edit

The AT-12 Shotgun features 1 attachment slot:

Weapon Skins Edit

The following weapon skin is available for the AT-12 Shotgun:

Preview (click to enlarge) Description Acquirement
Rem870Founders 2048 AT-12 Founders A special limited edition AT-12 Founders Club skin. Pew Pew! Claimable by anyone who pre-ordered Miscreated before it was available on Steam.

Crafting Edit

The AT-12 Shotgun is required to craft the following items:

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its classname suggesting that it is based on the Remington Model 870, the AT-12 Shotgun's design is more akin to that of the Ithaca 37
  • The AT-12 Shotgun was added to the game in Patch #9
  • An AT-12 Shotgun will need to have its attachment slots empty in order to be converted into a Sawed off AT-12 Shotgun

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