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Acid Rain is a weather pattern.


Acid Rain is one of the randomly selected weather patterns in Miscreated. Acid Rain is a form of rain, which has been polluted by acidic components. Acid Rain is characterised by its effect of filling the air with a thick, green fog, as well as causing the ground to steam with a green vapour.

Acid Rain is harmful to players. Those caught without adequate protective gear and/or shelter will slowly receive damage to health, for as long as they are exposed to the rain.

Acid Rain can infect water collections, making it smell "strange".

Each weather occurrence of Acid Rain lasts for about 5 minutes.


A warning siren will sound throughout Orca Island to warn players of incoming Acid Rain. Players can use this initial warning period to seek shelter, or to gear up in preparation.

Seeking refuge in houses, bases, and vehicles provide shelter from Acid Rain. Sewers, caves, and bunkers also provide protection against the weather.


  • After the end of every weather pattern, a new one is selected at random
    • AcidRain has a 2.0% chance of occurring
  • Acid Rain was introduced to the game in Update 1.0