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The Amalgamated Airfield is a location in Orca Island.


The Amalgamated Airfield is an abandoned military airbase located along the southwestern shore of Orca Island.

The Airfield has multiple military and commercial buildings and shelters like barracks, tents, bunks, a carpark, two large aircraft hangars, and an Amalgamated Kiosk building.

The Airfield features a single runway, which runs east to west. The tarmac is littered with the wrecks of large military transport aircraft, as well as medium utility helicopters.

The Amalgamated Airfield also houses a civil defence siren, which sounds whenever a Radiation Storm or Tornado is approaching.


The Airfield's military structures are known for their numerous weapon and various equipment spawns, making the Airfield a location frequently visited by players. The aircraft wrecks and two hangars rarely spawn anything of interest.