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The Amalgamated Kiosk, often simply referred to as a Kiosk, is a device which allows players transfer in-game Items into or from their Steam inventory.


Amalgamated Kiosks are electronic telecommunications devices which allow players to store/retrieve items into/from their Steam inventory from/into the game. Kiosks are found in small Amalgamated branded buildings around Orca Island and Canyonlands.

Kiosks provide unlimited, unraidable storage of items, at the cost of amCoins. Kiosk values vary depending on the item.

Kiosk storage is personalised, meaning that players will only be able to access their own Steam inventories. Players will only be able to see their own items within a Kiosk, therefore items stored in a kiosk cannot be looted by other players. Multiple players can use a kiosk at the same time.

Kiosks may also sometimes by found as base building parts. These Kiosks can be dragged with a vehicle and Towing Cable, back to a player base where it can be used. A Kiosk placed in a base can only be used by clan members of the base it is in.


  • amCoins, and a few other specific items, cannot be stored in a kiosk
  • You may use the kiosk system to transfer items between servers - store them on one server, then retrieve them on another
  • Only crafting guides and a few cosmetic items can be sold or traded on Steam - all other items cannot be sold/traded and are for your use only
  • If an item is stackable, only a full stack can be stored in a kiosk - stack size is displayed in Steam
  • Damaged items cannot be stored (you will be able to repair items in a future update)
  • Only empty magazines can be stored in a kiosk - unload the ammunition first, then store the magazine and ammo separately


Orca Island[]

More to be added.


More to be added.


  • Amalgamated Kiosks were added to the game in Update #60