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The Ammo Box 10 x 25mm is a lootable item which is used to store 10 mm ammunition rounds.


The Ammo Box 10x 25mm is an ammunition box that will hold 250 rounds of 9mm ammunition in one inventory slot compared to just the holding a smaller pile of the ammunition itself. The trade-off is the box's heavyweight of 5 kg which will prevent too many from being carried at one point but will help consolidate ammunition piles stored at the base storage.

The Ammo Box 10 x 25mm can be found throughout the game, however, they are more prevalently found in air-drops or plane crash sites.

Storage Contents[]

The Ammo Box 10 x 25mm can hold the following:

Similar Item[]

  • Crafted AmmoBox 10mm 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 10x25mm This ammo box holds 200 rounds of 9mm ammunition.