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The Armored Truck is a vehicle in Miscreated.


The Armored Truck is a 4-wheeled transport vehicle. It is an armoured van with 2 seats for the driver and a passenger in the front, and 8 seats for additional passengers in the rear.

While in the driver's seat, the operator can sound the horn by pressing the E key, toggle the vehicle's interior lights by pressing the T key, and toggle the vehicle's headlights by pressing the L key.

Only 2 Armored Trucks (one per variant) may be spawned and used around the map at any given time. An Armored Truck will respawn if it is not interacted with for more than 48 hours.


The Armored Truck has a moderate acceleration and braking, with good top speed and torque. Its covered driver and passenger cabins provide excellent protection against small arms fire. The Armored Truck's height makes it a popular base-raiding vehicle.


The Armored Truck has an inventory with slots for the following:


  • The Armored Truck was added to the game in Update #52