The Assault Rifle is a ranged weapon that fires 7.62x39 Rounds. It can only be equipped in Primary Slots.

Overview Edit

The Assault Rifle is a Russian selective-fire, magazine-fed, 7.62mm assault rifle. It fires up to 30 7.62×39mm cartridges from the 30Rnd 7.62mm magazine.

The Assault Rifle features a buttstock, handguard, and pistol grip made from wood. Its iron sights consist of a hooded front post, and a U-notch open rear. The Assault Rifle is also equipped with a slanted compensator at the end of the muzzle.

The Assault Rifle features a fire mode selector, giving users the option to switch between Semi-auto and Rapid (Full-auto) fire.

A rare, named variant of the Assault Rifle exists, called the The Dictator.

Properties Edit

Hitbox Damage
Head 700
Torso 70
Upper Arms 35
Lower Arms 17.5
Legs 35

Rounds fired from the Assault Rifle can penetrate an Armored Truck's windows.

Supported Attachments Edit

The Assault Rifle features 3 attachment slots:

Trivia Edit

  • The Assault Rifle is based on the AKM, a modernised version of the AK-47
  • The Assault Rifle was added in Update #42

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