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The Baby Spider is one of the mutants in Miscreated.



Baby Spiders spawn at random when looting world objects, such as foot lockers or trash piles. Players may also encounter them an random while roaming.

Baby Spiders may also be released by the Human Spider during combat.

Once spawned or released, a Baby Spider will direct its attacks at the target that triggered its aggression, or whatever the Human Spider had been attacking.


The Baby Spider is a large, mutated arachnid. It has a brown body with lighter stripes. The Baby Spider has eight eyes, arranged in three rows. It has eight long hairy legs, and two sharp horizontal fangs.


Baby Spiders do not have an inventory, their carcasses cannot be looted.



In combat, the Baby Spider charges towards its enemies and attacks with bites, doing 4% of damage to health per hit. Baby Spiders explode a certain amount of time after they are released, doing area damage. Each explosion does 10% of damage to health, and reduces stamina by 15%.


  • Baby Spiders are encountered at random or when looting world objects - it is easy to be caught off guard, especially if unprepared
  • Baby Spiders are released by the Human Spider in groups of 3 or more – players may be at risk of being swarmed if they do maintain enough situational awareness
  • Despite their low health, Baby Spiders do not seem to possess any weak points with damage multipliers


  • Baby Spiders have low health and movement speed


  • The Baby Spider's appearance is loosely based on that of the Wolf spider
  • The Baby Spider was added to the game in Update #59
  • Ironically, the Baby Spider's size often leads to many players referring to it as a "giant spider"