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This article is about the animal. For the food item, see Bear (Meat).

The Bear is one of the aggressive wildlife in Miscreated.



Bears may be found wandering the woods of Orca Island. Bears are solitary animals that spawn and roam alone.

Bears are aggressive and highly territorial wildlife. Unlike mutants, Bears have a large aggravation range. If a player or mob wanders too close and/or into their territory, a Bear will try to intimidate its opponent by standing on its hind legs and growling. If this initial warning is not heeded, the Bear may charge with an attack. Bears are attracted to gunfire, whistles, movement noise, and VoIP transmissions.


The Bear is a large, quadruped, carnivorous mammal. Bears have large bodies with stocky legs, long snouts, shaggy black fur covering their bodies, and short tails.

According to the developers, the Bear's fur were originally supposed to be brown. However, due to certain limitations involving the CRYENGINE, the brown Bears would glow or light up when in their caves. This was fixed by simply making the Bears black.


A Bear's carcass will always contain the following:



  • When attacking with any weapon, always aim for a Bear's head for maximum damage
  • Use safe spots to the advantage, as Bears lack any form of ranged attacks


  • Bears are very fast animals, easily outrunning a player at full sprint
  • Bears have a large amount of hitpoints (second only to the Brute mutant), making them a challenge to kill, without the appropriate combat gear


  • Unlike players, a Bear cannot jump or climb over obstacles
  • The Bear lacks any form of ranged attack
  • Bears will cease pursuit of their target once the latter leaves their small roam area
  • A Bear may be distracted by mutants or other players, and lose focus on its original target
  • Bears may occasionally give away their positions by standing on their hind legs and growling, allowing players keep away their roam area