BikeHelmetBlack 2048.png

The Bike Helmet is a wearable item. It can only be equipped in the Hat Slot.


The Bike Helmet is a coloured protective helmet is worn on the player's head. When equipped, the Bike Helmet covers the top of the player's head.

The Bike Helmet can be repaired by and/or broken down into a Repair Kit (Basic Helmets).

Bike Helmets are usually found in residential areas, or in clothing stores.


Preview (click to enlarge) Description
BikeHelmetBlack 2048.png Black Bike Helmet A black bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetBlue 2048.png Blue Bike Helmet A blue bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetGreen 2048.png Green Bike Helmet A green bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetPink 2048.png Pink Bike Helmet A pink bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetPurple 2048.png Purple Bike Helmet A purple bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetRed 2048.png Red Bike Helmet A red bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetWhite 2048.png White Bike Helmet A white bicycle helmet.
BikeHelmetYellow 2048.png Yellow Bike Helmet A yellow bicycle helmet.
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