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The Bleeding Effect, or simply referred to as Bleeding, is a negative status effect.


As a player take various sorts of physical damage, there is a chance that they may receive the Bleeding Effect. Players with the Bleeding Effect will see a StatsBar I41.png icon on the bottom-right corner of the their Heads Up Display. In third-person view, they will also see blood spurting from their characters, which also leaves a pool/trail of blood on the floor.

The Bleeding Effect may be stacked up to three times, with each increment adding an additional StatsBar I41.png icon. Bleeding reduces the player's health over time, with the rate of health loss being greater as the effect is stacked.

The Bleeding Effect may be removed or reduced by applying Bandages or Rags. Using Bandages or Rags reduces a stacked Bleeding Effect by a factor of one.

Bleeding Hazards[]

  • Receiving physical damage
    • Falling from height
    • Coming into contact with certain base traps/defences
    • Melee attacks
    • Ranged attacks