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FacerollerPRO FacerollerPRO 18 June 2020

Interesting Potential

Having a blog connected to a wiki like this could interesting if there was a large enough community to use it.

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Ottie69 Ottie69 18 November 2018

The life of a ghille guy

Being a ghillie guy is tough work, you really cant use any backpack besides the rugged, and when it snows you cant even really use any pack.

We must stay away from any non grassy terrain, concerete is out biggest enemy and we must avoid it at all costs.

Food is hard, since we must hunt and use salt or drying racks to stay away from survivors.

Weapons must have scopes and binoculars are a must.

To be continued.

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Macoustics Macoustics 27 September 2018

Invitation to Collaborate

Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by the Miscreated Wiki!

The Wiki and its articles are currently a work in progress, but rest assured they are being updated every single day.

The Wiki is well on its way to being one of the most comprehensive site of information for the game. Of course, we will still need as much help as we can get if we are to have the site ready by the time the game reaches the end of its Alpha stage.

Please feel free to contribute in any way you can! Adding any additional information, pictures, or even tips, are all valuable inputs. Even the simple act of proofreading an article helps!

If you are unsure on where to begin, we have created a list of Things To Be Worked On. Have quick look around, then jump right in!

Feel fr…

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Ravno Ravno 23 November 2014

The Most Comprehensive Resource

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by the Miscreated Wiki!!  I want to say thanks to everyone who has contributed pictures and added valuable input to these pages.  We're wwell on our way to being the most comprehensive site for information, outside of the official website.

I've been busy trying to establish a strong foundation for this site to grow on, providing an organizational framework for future pages, etc.  There is also a lot of documenting current features / items going on as the game continues to grow on a weekly basis.

I, by no means, hold a monopoly of good ideas here.  If  you have a great idea for somethign we could add to make this better, don't be shy.  Jump right in and start implementing it!


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