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The Brightmoor Military Bunker is a location in Orca Island.


The Brightmoor Military Bunker is an abandoned military bunker located in the southeast quadrant of Orca Island. It is one of two military bunkers marked by a  Bunker.png  icon on the map.

The bunker's entrance is located within a fenced-off facility in the woods. What remains of a former military encampment is located within this facility. The facility is connected to a main road, which leads north to Clyde Hill to the north, and Brightmoor to the southeast.

The generator located near the bunker entrance will need to be powered up to open blast doors that lead inside the bunker.


  • The bunker's rooms and corridors are known to spawn mutants
  • Most of the bunker's rooms and corridors are very poorly lit, so player exploring the bunker will need to bring a flashlight, or an alternative light source


The Brightmoor Military Bunker is known for its high concentration of high-tier loot spawns. Its armoury contains a large number of military weapons, gear, and various equipment. Multiple Iron Sons Caches may also be found inside the bunker.


  • The Brightmoor Military Bunker was added to the game in Beta 1.0