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This article is about the Official Map featured in Miscreated. For the DLC, see Miscreated: Canyonlands.

Canyonlands is an Official Map featured in Miscreated.


Canyonlands is one of the regions where the game Miscreated is set in.

The map and its name are a throwback to Miscreated's original name and level design, which was supposed to be based on the real-world deserts of Utah.[1]

Canyonlands was released on December 4th, 2019 as a downloadable map, as part of the Miscreated: Canyonlands DLC.


Screenshot by Terry Evans.

According to Miscreated Lead Level Designer Marco Catena, Canyonlands features a smaller overall playable land area as compared to Orca Island, but boasts improved gameplay performance over the latter. The new map's design will allow for more frequent player-to-player interactions, as well as denser AI spawns.[1]

Unlike Orca Island, Canyonlands does not feature any major water bodies, resulting in an absence of watercraft. However, the developers have hinted on the possibility of compensating for this loss with the introduction of more land vehicles.[1]


Canyonlands implements the kiosk system, allowing players to transfer in-game items into or from their Steam inventory, as well as between servers and maps.[1]