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The Cargo Ship is a location in Orca Island.


The Cargo Ship is a shipwreck located along the northern coast of Orca Island, with Hayward Valley to the south. It is marked by a  Shipwreck.png  icon on the Map.

As its name implies, the Cargo Ship is an abandoned container ship, with a deck packed with numerous shipping containers. Many of these containers are open, and unevenly stacked, creating a "maze" of walkways and tunnels from the ship's bow to superstructure.

The Cargo Ship's wreck itself lies just off the coast. Players wishing to board the ship will have to climb any of the two junk "gangways" that bridge the shore to the deck.

Mutants are known to spawn around the deck of the Cargo Ship.


The Cargo Ship contains a number of vehicle parts and ammunition spawns. The bridge is known for its gear spawns, and the occasional weapon(s).


  • The Cargo Ship was added to the game in Update #60