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The Carlington BA-70 is a ranged weapon that fires .223 Rounds.


The Carlington BA-70 is a .223 caliber bolt-action rifle. It fires up to 10 .223 caliber cartridges from an internal magazine.

The Carlington BA-70 features a wooden stock, iron sights, and a scope rail for optical attachments.


Hitbox Damage
Head 171
Torso 57
Upper Arms 28.5
Lower Arms 14.25
Legs 28.5

Being a bolt-action rifle, the Carlington BA-70 has to be manually cycled after every shot, resulting in a drastically slower rate of fire. This generally makes the weapon ill-suited for close quarters combat.

Supported Attachments[]

The Carlington BA-70 features 4 attachment slots:

Weapon Skins[]

The following weapon skins are available for the Carlington BA-70:

Preview (click to enlarge)
Model70Zebra 2048.png
Carlington BA70 Zebra Skin
A Zebra Skin for the Carlington BA70. Perfect for hunting prey.


  • It is possible that the Carlington BA-70 was named after Carl Kent, a Senior Artist at Entrada Interactive
  • The Carlington BA-70 is based on the Winchester Model 70
  • The Carlington BA-70 was added to the game in Patch #10