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Clyde Hill is a location in Orca Island.


Clyde Hill is a small, abandoned town located in the northeast quadrant of Orca Island. The town is made up of several small residential homes, as well as several military tents and a barrack. Clyde Hill is almost completely surrounded by fences.

Clyde Hill also features a single, large generator, which can be activated to turn on the street lights.

Clyde Hill is connected by roads leading to Hayward Valley in the northwest, and Orca Dam to the east.


Clyde Hill's residential area spawns basic household supplies, such as consumable and medical supplies. The military tents and single barrack spawn military supplies, ranging from various equipment to the occasional weapon(s). The town is known for its variety in vehicle spawns.

Players heading to Orca Dam or Hayward Valley may sometimes pass through Clyde Hill.

Safe Zone[]

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