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Miscreated Wiki

YouTube Channels[]

Active Miscreated Content[]

  • ThingsWithAli -3k Subscribers, Dedicated Channel (Active Currently 5-29-2018)

Gameplay Series[]

First Impressions[]

  • jackfrags - 946k Subscribers (as of 11-23-2014, Alpha played)
  • GoldGloveTV - 801k Subscribers (as of 11-23-2014, Alpha played)
  • LCBradley3k - 18k Subscribers (as of 11-23-2014, Alpha played)


Fan Created Sites[]

This is a repository of community / fan sites dedicated to Miscreated.

  • 😀😀😀Come join a friendly miscreated twitch streamer. Lots of fun and good times. 365 day challenge LETS GOOOOOOOO! We Back For Good (twitch.tv/psnpinktoe/p/0b0783c6-a6a0-486c-92f7-823db8603e4b?sr=a)😀😀😀
  • [Russian] Fan Miscreated @ FanMiscreated.ru (@vk.com)
  • [Russian] Miscreatedgame.ru - Fan site, russian wiki, blog with the latest news on russian language.
  • [All] Official Miscreated Public Teamspeak - TS3dragon986.TrinityGames.com:10013 - (see THIS THREAD for additional information)
  • [Czech] Pařbička.cz
  • [English] Warrior Z Gaming Clan
  • [German] miscreated-forum.ch
  • [English] http://miscreatedsafezone.blogspot.pt/ Blog with the latest News Patches and information about Miscreated