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The Cowboy Hat is a wearable item. It can only be equipped in the Hat Slot.


The Cowboy Hat is a high-crowned, wide-brimmed, leather hat that is worn on the player's head. When equipped, the Cowboy Hat covers the top of the player's head.

The Cowboy Hat provides some resistance against the elements.

Depending on its variant, the Cowboy Hat can be repaired by and/or broken down into either a Repair Kit (Cloth Items) or a Repair Kit (Leather Items).

Cowboy Hats are usually found in residential areas, or inside clothing stores.


Preview (click to enlarge) Description Repair Kit
CowboyHat 2048.png White Cowboy Hat A hat fitting for any chap. Repair Kit (Leather Items)
CowboyHatLeather 2048.png Leather Cowboy Hat Roughneck and Rugged. Repair Kit (Leather Items)
CowboyHatStraw 2048.png Straw Cowboy Hat Always drink upstream from the herd. Repair Kit (Cloth Items)