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The Crafted 5.56 Pistol is a ranged weapon that fires 5.56x45 Rounds, as well as a crafting product.


The Crafted 5.56 Pistol is a homemade, semi-automatic, magazine-fed 5.56mm weapon. It fires up to 30 5.56×45mm cartridges from the 30Rnd STANAG magazine.

The Crafted 5.56 Pistol features a pistol grip and handguard made from old, cracked wood. It has an improvised barrel and frame made from metal parts, held together through the use of welding and screws.

Although the Crafted 5.56 Pistol is a crafting product, it may also be found through looting. Crafted 5.56 Pistols are usually found in residential areas, stores, supermarkets, or in military structures such as army tents or barracks.

The Crafted 5.56 Pistol has two 9mm counterparts, the Crafted 9mm Long Pistol, and the Crafted 9mm Pistol.


Hitbox Damage
Head 108
Torso 36
Upper Arms 18
Lower Arms 9
Legs 18

The Crafted 5.56 Pistol is unique amongst the secondary weapons, being the only one in the game that fires 5.56x45 Rounds. However, its crude design affects the weapon's overall damage output. This also makes it a heavier choice of sidearm.

Supported Attachments[]

The Crafted 5.56 Pistol features 1 attachment slot:


The following resources are required to craft the Crafted 5.56 Pistol:



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