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Crafting Guides are items that allow players to unlock additional crafting recipes.


Crafting Guides are survival guides created by the Iron Sons. For every guide learnt, a specific set of crafting recipes are permanently unlocked in player's crafting menu.

A Crafting Guide can only be learnt by a player once (per server), and the recipes learnt will persist through player death. The recipes do not transfer between game servers – should a player choose to play on a different server, they will need to relearn the guides.

The Guides are split into three different tiers, differentiated by their cover page design and colour. These are the Basic (Off-white), Advanced (Manilla), and Specialized (Green) guides.

As these tiers increase from Basic through Specialized, so does the rarity of the corresponding guide. Crafting Guides are usually found in residential areas like houses, or looted off mutants like the Brute or the Human Spider.

List of Crafting Guides