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The Crazy mutant is one of the mutants in Miscreated.



The Crazy mutant is commonly found wandering in any of the locations around Orca Island and in the Canyonlands.

The Crazy mutant has a relatively small aggravation range, and will attack any players that wander too close and/or into its line of sight. Like all other mutants, the Crazy mutant is attracted to gunfire, explosions, whistles, movement noise, and VoIP transmissions.

When provoked, a Crazy mutant will continue to attack until it perishes, or kills its target. The Crazy mutant will not follow its target indefinitely - it will stop attacking and return to its roaming once its target is out of its follow range.


Compared to other mutants, the Crazy mutant bears the least evident marks of genetic mutations. The default Crazy mutant model wears a tattered white Amalgamated Corp Medical Center t-shirt with blue jeans. It also has straps around its wrists and ankles, which resemble medical restraints. This, together with the branded t-shirt, leads one to believe that the Crazy mutant was once a former patient at the Amalgamated Corp Medical Center, possibly even a subject of experimentation by the Amalgamated Corporation.


Crazy mutants have an inventory and drop various loot, such as consumables, clothing, and various equipment.



In combat, the Crazy mutant charges towards its enemies and attacks with physical blows, using its claws as melee weapons. Every hit it lands does 6% of damage to health, with a chance of causing bleeding to their targets.


  • When attacking with any weapon, always aim for the Crazy mutant's head for maximum damage
    • The Crazy mutant can be killed with a single headshot from most ranged weapons
  • To avoid being cornered, lure the Crazy mutant into open areas. This also allows for more tactical options, such as maneuvering space or retreats


  • The Crazy mutant has a high running speed, easily keeping pace with a player at full sprint
  • A provoked Crazy mutant may alert nearby mutants to the player's position
  • If the Crazy mutant can see but not reach a player, they may throw rocks at the latter, doing damage and increasing torpidity


  • Unlike players, mutants cannot jump or climb over obstacles
  • Crazy mutants may be distracted by wildlife and lose focus on their original target


  • The Crazy mutant was introduced to the game in Patch #22