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The Crowbar is a melee weapon. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Crowbar is a tool, reused as a melee weapon. It is a hexagonal cast iron bar with a single curved end for prying.

As a weapon, Crowbar does 45% of damage to health for every hit, with a 30% chance of causing bleeding to its target.

Crowbars are usually found in residential or industrial areas, and sometimes in military structures, such as army tents or barracks.

Weapon Skins[]

The following weapon skins are available for the Crowbar:

Preview (click to enlarge) Description Acquirement
Crowbar Bloody 48.png Crowbar Bloody Skin Crowbar Bloody Skin. Iron Sons' Cache (DLC exclusive).


  • The Crowbar was added to the game in Beta 1.0