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The Cx8 Storm is is a ranged weapon that fires .45 ACP Rounds. It can only be equipped in a Primary Slot.


The Cx8 Storm is an Italian semi-automatic, magazine-fed, .45 ACP carbine built by Italian firearms manufacturer Fierra. It fires up to 20 .45 ACP cartridges from the 20Rnd .45 ACP magazine.

The Cx8 Storm's polymer frame and compact build make it a relatively light weapon. For additional weapon accessories, the weapon features a full-length top scope rail, an accessory rail underneath the barrel, as well as additional Picatinny rails mounted on the left, right, and bottom of the upper receiver.


Hitbox Damage
Head 490
Torso 49
Upper Arms 24.5
Lower Arms 12.25
Legs 24.5

Supported Attachments[]

The Cx8 Storm features 4 attachment slots:

Weapon Skins[]

The following weapon skins are available for the Cx8 Storm:

Preview (click to enlarge) Description Acquirement
CX4Storm Desert 2048.png CX4 Storm Desert Skin CX4 Storm Desert Skin. Random.
CX4Storm Green 2048.png CX4 Storm Green Skin CX4 Storm Green Skin. Random.
CX4Storm Grey 2048.png CX4 Storm Grey Skin CX4 Storm Grey Skin. Random.
CX4Storm Hex 2048.png CX4 Storm Hex Skin CX4 Storm Hex Skin. Random.
CX4Storm Nightop 2048.png CX4 Storm Nightop Skin CX4 Storm Nightop Skin. Random.
CX4Storm Urban 2048.png CX4 Storm Urban Skin CX4 Storm Urban Skin. Random.
CX4Storm Woodland 2048.png CX4 Storm Woodland Skin CX4 Storm Woodland Skin. Random.
CX4Storm UrbanBlue 48.png CX4 Storm Urban Blue Skin CX4 Storm Urban Blue Skin. Iron Sons' Cache (DLC exclusive).


  • The Cx8 Storm is based on the Beretta Cx4 Storm
  • Fierra is a play on the word Beretta, the manufacturing company of the real world Cx4
  • The Cx8 Storm was added to the game in Beta 1.0