Exp Update 1.0.1 - 01/14/2019 Edit

Game Edit

  • Update the Wwise audio engine - please give us ANY feedback of unexpected audio issues - including if the screeching still happens
  • Removed unused textures from DDSTextures2.pak file (850MB -> 250MB) to reduce install size
  • Adjustment to base/DWS syncing to clients - should reduce the cases of being stuck after respawning
  • Decreased poison/radiation/torpidity screen visual effects
  • Decontamination shower should only remove radiation - no longer heals the player as well

Items Edit

  • Fixed spelling of Cooked Snap Peas
  • Don't display the mannequin arm on a player's back
  • Thatch added (can be harvested from some bushes)
  • Craftable Fire Drill added (can be used as a replacement for Matches and Lighter)
  • Update display name and description for Vertical Foregrip
  • Decrease mass of rope from 0.3kg to 0.1kg
  • Clarified which 7.62 rounds are used in the different 7.62 magazines
  • Removed harvest ability from Machete

Base Building Edit

  • Fixed missing damage multipliers for the plot sign
  • Decreased weight of Amalgamated kiosk to 250kg for better towing

Vehicles Edit

  • Disable physics reaction from players standing on boat

AI Edit

  • Remove blood pool from Brute death event

Map Edit

  • Fixed sound issue with exit door on Brightmoor bunker
  • Fixed a few floating item spawn locations
  • Fixed some doors and other minor issues based on feedback
  • Improved supermarket rain occluder setup

UI Edit

  • Fixed several spelling, grammar, and readability issues with the UI hints

Animations Edit

  • Dry reload animations added to some weapons
  • Rifles - fixed main selects for rifles for standing and crouching
  • AK74U, AKM, AT15, Bulldog, P90, Storm, AUMP - slight change to lowered crouch, lowered stand, and stand sprint

Textures/Models Edit

  • Many optimizations to various textures and materials
  • LODs added for smoke grenade traps
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