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The Eyepatch is a wearable item. It can only be equipped in the Eyes Slot.


"Are you looking for some way to distinguish yourself from the common landlubber? Are you the leader of a tight-knit community and happen to have an ocular accident? Release your inner pirate with the eternally fashionable Eyepatch." - Klavian

The Eyepatch is a kind of eyewear worn in front of one of the player's eyes.

When equipped, the Eyepatch does not affect the player's first-person view in any way.

The Eyepatch can be repaired by and/or broken down into a Repair Kit (Cloth Items).

The Eyepatch may be found in homes, stores, and also in military structures, such as army tents or barracks.


Preview (click to enlarge) Description
EyepatchLeft 2048.png Left Eyepatch An eyepatch for the left eye.
EyepatchRight 2048.png Right Eyepatch An eyepatch for the right eye.