Farming is a gameplay feature through which players grow crops by planting seeds in a Planter Box.

Overview Edit

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To build a Planter Box you need 4 Lumber and 20 Nails. You then have to fill it with Dirt, only after you can put in the Seeds/Water/Fertilizer (so far located seeds are: Carrots, Beets, Radishes, Snap Peas and Potatoes, surly more exist but have not located them yet) Seeds Stack into stacks of 5 and weigh 0.1 kg.

Check Status of you plan often, it will tell you what is missing or could use more of.

To add dirt to the "Planter Box" you need an empty "Large Bag" and go fill it with Dirt(almost anywhere outside) and not Sand. Then you are able to add the Dirt to the Planter Box using your mouse wheel.

Water as of 1.0 can be added "Dirty" and still work growing you crops. Empty Fuel or Water Jug canister is the best for these runs, as you need a lot of water. Your crops might need watering while they are growing, do so with a canister or you can wait for rain.

Fertilizer is any rotten vegetables that you can find, there might be more objects that haven't been located yet however. Refrigerators in houses now can "open" and usually have 2-4 rotten vegetables. Once you Fertilize a Planter Box, it is good for use two times(Two full crop collection/planting), then you must use more fertilizer.

"Light condition" as of 1.0 does NOT seem to matter, as long as its day time, this was tested above ground and in the cave with a Work light, the planter still said "its not enough light, crop not growing" but they all still grew fine. This might be patched later however

Collection: Vegetables now stack into stacks of 5 to 15. Potatoes cap at 5, Carrots Cap at 10, while the rest listed above go up to 15. Three Planter Boxes will be plenty to keep you alive and stock piling food.

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