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Fire is one of the many hazards in Miscreated.


Fires may found as natural world spawns around Orca Island, in the form of burning vehicles, or burn barrels. Fires may also be started by players through the use of crafting, the use of certain weapons, or interaction with certain items.

As of Beta 1.0, Fires may be used as a source of warmth to raise a player's core body temperature.

Burning Effect[]

The burning effect, or afterburn, refers to the negative damage-over-time status effect inflicted on a player when set on Fire. If players come into contact of a Fire source, or get hit by certain projectiles, they may be set on Fire.

Upon being set aflame, player's will steadily lose health points. It also creates a visible effect on the player (character model will be engulfed in flames). These last for the duration of the effect.

Fire Hazards[]

  • Standing on or too close a Fire source
  • The splash area of exploding combustibles like Jerry Cans or Molotovs
  • Impacts from specially crafted arrows and/or bolts