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The Flak Vest is a wearable item. It can only be equipped in the Jacket Slot.


The Flak Vest is a piece of body armour that is worn over the player's torso. It is the military version of the Police Vest.

The Flak Vest provides limited protection bonuses against firearms and explosions, as well as offering some resistance against the elements.

The Flak Vest can be repaired by and/or broken down into a Repair Kit Repair Kit (Canvas Items).

The Flak Vest has an inventory slot capacity of 4. Flak Vests are usually found in military structures, such as army tents or barracks.


Preview (click to enlarge) Description
FlakVestGreen 2048.png Green Flak Vest A green armored flak vest.
FlakVestGreenCamo1 2048.png Green Woodland Flak Vest A camo green armored flak vest.
FlakVestTan 2048.png Tan Flak Vest A tan armored flak vest.
FlakVestTanCamo1 2048.png Tan Desert Flak Vest A camo tan armored flak vest.