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The Flare Gun is is a ranged weapon that fires Flare Rounds. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Flare Gun is a special, large-bore handgun that fires 12-gauge flare rounds. The weapon is used primarily for signaling. However, when fired at other players, Flare Rounds cause burn damage.

To use the Flare Gun, flares will first need to be loaded into the ammunition slot of the weapon. The ammunition slot holds up to 5 flares. The flares are breech-loaded one at a time into the chamber.

Due lower velocity of the projectile, flare rounds fired from the Flare Gun have a shallow trajectory curve that causes them to drop vertical distance drastically with range.

Flares fired from the Flare Gun stay illuminated for 2 minutes.

Supported Attachments[]

The Flare Gun features 1 attachment slot: