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The Frag Grenade is a throwable weapon. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Frag Grenade is a high explosive fragmentation hand grenade. It is a timed explosive that detonates a few seconds after being thrown, causing wide area damage, with the potential of killing or wounding multiple players or mutants at once.

Frag Grenades are usually found in military structures, such as army tents or barracks.


  • The Frag Grenade was added to the game in Update #44
  • The Frag Grenade's world model resembles the Mk 2 grenade, the standard issue anti-personnel grenade used by the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II
  • Found rarely in "RandomAmmo" loot spawns such as military buildings and bedrooms
  • Spawn rate is 20% within "RandomMilitaryGrenade" within 2% "RandomAmmo"