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The Giant Scorpion is an aggressive animal found in Miscreated.



Giant Scorpions spawn at random when looting world objects, such as foot lockers or trash piles. Players may also encounter them at random while roaming.

When provoked, a Giant Scorpion will continue to attack until it perishes, or kills its target. The Giant Scorpion will not follow its target indefinitely - it will stop attacking and return to its spawn point once its target is out of its follow range.


As its name implies, the Giant Scorpion is a large, mutated scorpion. It is an eight-legged, brownish arachnid, easily recognised by its pair of clawed pedipalps, and a distinctive, curved tail that ends with a stinger.


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In combat, the Giant Scorpion charges towards its enemies and attacks with bites, doing 3% of damage to health per hit, at a rate of 1 bite per second.


  • Giant Scorpions are encountered at random or when looting world objects - it is easy to be caught off guard, especially if unprepared
  • Giant Scorpions have a high rate of attack, and can easily kill its target in a few bites, if the latter's health is low
  • Despite their low health, Giant Scorpions do not seem to possess any weak points with damage multipliers


  • Giant Scorpions have low health and movement speed
  • A Giant Scorpion will cease pursuit of its target once the latter leaves its small roam area
  • Giant Scorpions may be distracted by wildlife or other mutants, and lose focus on their original target