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Hayward Valley is a location in Orca Island.


Hayward Valley is a city located in the north of Orca Island. It is the largest settlement on the island.

Hayward Valley is broken into three distinct sections – Downtown; the city centre, the Port; a harbour north, and the Suburbs, the outlying residential districts to the north and south.

Downtown Hayward Valley is home to many buildings and notable landmarks, including the Refugee Centre, the Hotel, and the Police Department. These landmarks are known for spawning relatively good loot, thus making Hayward Valley a location frequently visited by players.

Hayward Valley features numerous industrial spawns – vehicle wrecks, containers, car shops, and parking lots. The city also features an underground network of sewers and tunnels, which provides excellent protection against radiation. This underground network is accessible through the basement carpark, or by open manholes scattered around the city.


  • Hayward Valley gets its name from Graham Hayward, the Lead Artist at Entrada Interactive
  • Hayward Valley was opened to the game in Patch #36