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The Headlamp is a wearable item. It can only be equipped in the Hat Slot.


The Headlamp is a portable, hands-free light source that is worn around the player's head.

When turned on, it emits a cone of light in front of the player, aligned to wherever the player looks. The Headlamp can be toggled on or off with the L key (default).

The Headlamp does not provide any physical or environmental protection.

The Headlamp can be repaired by and/or broken down into a Repair Kit (Leather Items).

Headlamps are usually found in military structures, such as army tents or barracks.


Preview (click to enlarge) Description
Headlamp 2048.png Headlamp Hands-free lamp worn around the head.
HeadlampRed 2048.png Red Headlamp Hands-free red light lamp worn around the head.