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The Human Spider, more commonly referred to as the Spider Mutant, is one of the mutants in Miscreated.



The Human Spider is commonly found wandering in any of the locations around Orca Island.

The Human Spider has a relatively small aggravation range, and will attack any players that wander too close and/or into its line of sight. Like all other mutants, the Human Spider is attracted to gunfire, explosions, whistles, movement noise, and VoIP transmissions.

When provoked, a Human Spider will continue to attack until it perishes, or kills its target. The Human Spider will not follow its target indefinitely - it will stop attacking and return to its roaming once its target is out of its follow range.


Unlike any of the other mutants, the Human Spider is of a yet unknown origin. It may have mutated from a simple spider, though this is unlikely given its size and outward texture.


The Human Spider has an inventory and drop various loot, such as consumables and clothing. Human Spiders are known for fairly decent drops, including ammunition and crafting guides.



Human Spiders are very fast and agile. Unlike other mutants, they prefer to keep their distance or strafe around their targets, attacking at range. They launch a toxic, bile-colored substance from their tails as their primary form of attack. Every hit this attack lands decreases stamina by 5%, increases torpidity by 15%, does 15% of damage to health, and has a chance of causing poisoning.

During a fight, a Human Spider may also release multiple smaller Baby Spiders to assist in combat. These smaller spiders charge at the enemy, attacking with melee, and/or exploding to cause area damage.


  • It is recommended to engage the Human Spider with ranged weapons, as its high movement speed enables it to easily keep out of melee range
  • When attacking with any weapon, always aim for the Human Spider's head for maximum damage
    • The Human Spider can be killed with a single headshot from most ranged weapons
  • If an engagement is planned properly, it is possible to avoid a Human Spider's ranged attacks completely, through the use of cover


  • The Human Spider is, by far, the fastest and most agile mutant. It is unwise to engage with melee, as they can easily keep out of range
  • A Human Spider's attacks affect multiple stats


  • A Human Spider's ranged attacks are not particularly accurate or fast, so attacking on the move may reduce the chances of getting hit


  • The Human Spider was introduced to the game in Update #58