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The Iron Sons' Cache is a Downloadable content (DLC) for Miscreated released through Steam on December 19, 2018.


Entrada Interactive and the entire Miscreated team thanks you for your continued support of Miscreated! The Iron Sons' Cache will provide you with the following extra content:

Exclusive Weapon Skins[]

Display your Iron Sons' pride by using any of the 15 included exclusive weapon skins in Miscreated. To apply any of the exclusive skins to your weapon, just visit any Amalgamated kiosk in the game and they will be displayed in the Skins tab, then right-click on the weapon in your player's inventory you want a skin applied to.

  • Cleaver Bloody Skin
  • Crowbar Bloody Skin
  • Machete Damascus Skin
  • Pipe Wrench Bloody Skin
  • ACAW Scorched Desert Skin
  • AK74U Gold Skin
  • AP85 Silver Skin
  • AUMP45 White Skulls Skin
  • Bulldog Paint Splatter Skin
  • Cx8 Urban Blue Camo Skin
  • M9A1 Tempered Skin
  • Makarov Mud Skin
  • P350 Bronze Skin
  • PX4 Skulls Skin
  • R90 Scorched Earth Skin

Exclusive Wallpapers[]

Enhance the look of your computer by using one of the 10 exclusive Miscreated wallpapers. The wallpapers are all captured at a 4K resolution, so they will look extra sharp!

Concept Artwork[]

View 30 pieces of concept art and inspiration boards that were used in the development of Miscreated. As an added bonus, the Iron Sons' logo is also included in PSD format, so you can use it to express your distaste for, and rise up against, the Amalgamated corporation.

Main Menu Theme Music[]

The Miscreated main menu theme music is included in MP3 format. The musical score was composed and performed by Anthony Casalena. Both the 1 minute short version and the full 10 minute looping versions are included.

Game Maps[]

8K resolution maps of the main islands level. Print it out and post it on your wall!