Irradiated Zones refer to several locations around Orca Island.

Overview Edit

Irradiated Zones are areas with dangerously high levels of radiation. They are marked with the  Irradiated  icon on the map.

Irradiated Zones are very dangerous. Players entering the affected areas without adequate protective gear are exposed to high levels of gas radiation. A fully unprotected player without any radiation resistance bonuses will receive a 1% increase to their Radiation Status bars per second.

An Irradiated Zone is characterised by the presence of dead trees and grass, which also form a visual representation of the boundaries of the high radiation area. Ionizing radiation hazard signs are placed along roads that lead into Irradiated Zones.

Survival Edit

Players can achieve 100% radiation gas resistance when using the Gas Canister Pack in combination with a Hazmat Mask, provided that both items are at full item health.

Players should stock up on AntiRad Pills and/or AntiRad Mushrooms. Potassium Iodide Pills offer resistance against radiation, and should be taken prior to entering an Irradiated Zone.

Loot Edit

A number of ACHCR Refugee Agency tents and vehicles may be found in Irradiated Zones, containing spawns for various supplies, including weapons and medical supplies.

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