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Item Classname Vendor Cost
AmmoBox 5 45x39 48.png Ammo Box 5.45x39mm AmmoBox_9mm_48 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 5 56x45 48.png Ammo Box 5.56x45mm AmmoBox_5_56x45 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 5 70x28 48.png Ammo Box 5.70x28mm AmmoBox_5_70x28 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 7 62x39 48.png Ammo Box 7.62x39mm AmmoBox_7_62x39 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 7 62x51 48.png Ammo Box 7.62x51mm AmmoBox_7_62x51 3Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 9mm 48.png Ammo Box 9x19mm AmmoBox_9mm 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 10mm 48.png Ammo Box 10x25mm AmmoBox_10mm 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 12Gauge Beanbag 48.png Ammo Box 12 Gauge Beanbag AmmoBox_12Gauge_Beanbag 3Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 12Gauge Pellet 48.png Ammo Box 12 Gauge Pellet AmmoBox_12Gauge_Pellet 3Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 12Gauge Slug 48.png Ammo Box 12 Gauge Slug AmmoBox_12Gauge_Slug 3Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 22 48.png Ammo Box .22x15mm AmmoBox_22 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 223 48.png Ammo Box .223x45mm AmmoBox_223 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 308 48.png Ammo Box .308x51mm AmmoBox_308 3Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox 357 48.png Ammo Box .357x33mm AmmoBox_357 4Inventory IA4.png
AmmoBox acp 45 48.png Ammo Box .45x23mm AmmoBox_acp_45 4Inventory IA4.png
Crafted AmmoBox 5 45x39 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 5.45x39mm Crafted_AmmoBox_9mm_48 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 5 56x45 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 5.56x45mm Crafted_AmmoBox_5_56x45 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 5 70x28 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 5.70x28mm Crafted_AmmoBox_5_70x28 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 7 62x39 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 7.62x39mm Crafted_AmmoBox_7_62x39 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 7 62x51 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 7.62x51mm Crafted_AmmoBox_7_62x51 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 9mm 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 9x19mm Crafted_AmmoBox_9mm N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 10mm 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 10x25mm Crafted_AmmoBox_10mm N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 12Gauge Beanbag 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 12 Gauge Beanbag Crafted_AmmoBox_12Gauge_Beanbag N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 12Gauge Pellet 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 12 Gauge Pellet Crafted_AmmoBox_12Gauge_Pellet N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 12Gauge Slug 48.png Crafted Ammo Box 12 Gauge Slug Crafted_AmmoBox_12Gauge_Slug N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 22 48.png Crafted Ammo Box .22x15mm Crafted_AmmoBox_22 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 223 48.png Crafted Ammo Box .223x45mm Crafted_AmmoBox_223 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 308 48.png Crafted Ammo Box .308x51mm Crafted_AmmoBox_308 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox 357 48.png Crafted Ammo Box .357x33mm Crafted_AmmoBox_357 N/A
Crafted AmmoBox acp 45 48.png Crafted Ammo Box .45x23mm Crafted_AmmoBox_acp_45 N/A


Item Classname Vendor Cost
Arrowx8 48.png Aluminum Arrows Arrowx8 N/A
Boltx5 0000 48.png Aluminum Bolts Boltx5_0000 N/A
CraftedArrowx8 0000 48.png Wood Arrows CraftedArrowx8_0000 N/A
Pile 9mm 48.png 9mm Rounds Pile_9mm 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 10mm 48.png 10mm Rounds Pile_10mm 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 12GaugeBeanbag 48.png 12-Gauge Bean Bag Pile_12GaugeBeanbag 3Inventory IA4.png
Pile 12GaugePellet 48.png 12-Gauge Buckshot Pile_12GaugePellet 3Inventory IA4.png
Pile 12GaugeSlug 48.png 12-Gauge Slug Pile_12GaugeSlug 3Inventory IA4.png
Pile 22 48.png .22 Rounds Pile_22 2Inventory IA4.png
Pile 40mmGrenade 48.png 40mm Grenade Pile_40mmGrenade 8Inventory IA4.png
Pile 45ACP 48.png .45 ACP Rounds Pile_45ACP 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 57x28 48.png 5.7x28mm Rounds Pile_57x28 7Inventory IA4.png
Pile 223 48.png .223 Rounds Pile_223 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 308 48.png .308 Rounds Pile_308 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 357 48.png .357 Rounds Pile_357 2Inventory IA4.png
Pile 545x39 48.png 5.45x39 Rounds Pile_545x39 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 556x45 48.png 5.56x45 Rounds Pile_556x45 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 762x39 48.png 7.62x39 Rounds Pile_762x39 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile 762x51 48.png 7.62x51 Rounds Pile_762x51 5Inventory IA4.png
Pile Flare 48.png Flare Round Pile_Flare 4Inventory IA4.png
Pile TranquilizerDart 48.png Tranquilizer Darts Pile_TranquilizerDart 3Inventory IA4.png
PlotSignPacked 48.png  Plot Sign
Rug bear pelt 48.png  Bear Pelt Rug
Crafted rug 01 48.png  Crafted Rug (11 variants)
Trophy deer female 48.png  Female Deer Trophy
Flagpole black 48.png  Flagpole (32 variants)
Candle animal fat large 48.png  Large Fat Candle
Trophy deer male 48.png  Male Deer Trophy
Powered work light 48.png  Placeable Work Light (6 variants)
Candle animal fat small 48.png  Small Fat Candle
Tiki torch 48.png  Tiki Torch
Rug wolf pelt 48.png  Wolf Pelt Rug
Trophy wolf 48.png  Wolf Trophy
Wood bridge 3m 12m 48.png  Bridge (6 variants)
Wood column 1 3m 48.png  Wood Column (4 variants)
Wood column torch 1 3m 48.png  Torch Column (4 variants)
Wood door 1m 2m 48.png  Wooden Door
Wood door lockable 1m 2m 48.png  Lockable Door
Wood shutter small lockable 48.png  Lockable Wooden Shutter
Wood gate lockable 3m 4m 48.png  Wood Gatehouse Gate
Planter box 48.png  Planter Box
Tire 1 3m 48.png  Tire Stack (5 variants)
Wood target 48.png  Wood Target
Wood toilet 48.png  Squat Toilet
Wood gallows 48.png  Wood Gallows
Wood watchtower 48.png  9m Watchtower (2 variants)
Wood watchtower big 48.png  Big Watchtower (2 variants)
Wood gatehouse 48.png  Wood Gatehouse
Wood walkway 1 3m 1m 1m 48.png  Platform (10 variants)
Wood walkway curve 1 3m 4m 4m 48.png  Curve Platform (3 variants)
Wood ramp 0m 1 3m 1m 48.png  Ramp (10 variants)
Wood roof 1 3m 4m 48.png  Wood Roof (6 variants)
Wood roof murderhole 3m 2m 48.png  Wood Roof Murder-hole (2 variants)
Wood roof trapdoor 3m 4m 48.png  3x4 Roof Trapdoor
Wood walkroof 3m 4m 4m 48.png  3x4x4 Angled Roof
Small leanto 48.png  Small Leanto (2 variants)
Small shelter wall 1m 1 3m 48.png  Shelter Wall (12 variants)
Wood stairs 0m 1 3m 1 2m 1 6m 48.png  Wood Stairs (12 variants)
Wood crate small 48.png  Wood Crate (2 variants)
Metal barbed wire 2m 48.png  Barbed Wire (2 variants)
Wood punji 2m 2m 48.png  Punji Sticks (2 variants)
Wood palisade 3m 48.png  3m Wood Palisade
Sandbag crafted 1 3m 1m 48.png  San Bag Wall (6 variants)
Wood wall 1 3m 1m 48.png  Wood Wall (12 variants)
Wood ramp wall 0m 1 3m 3m 48.png  Wood Ramp Wall (5 variants)

Campfire 48.png  Campfire
Crafted bed 48.png  Crafted Bed
Propane heater 48.png  Propane Heater
Stone fireplace packed 48.png  Stone Fireplace
Water collector 48.png  Water Collector
Water purifier 48.png  Water Purifier
Workbench 48.png  Workbench
Powered generator small 48.png  Placeable Generator

DuffelBag 48.png  Duffel Bag
GasCanisterPack 48.png  Gas Canister Pack
Horshoe pack 48.png  Horseshoe Pack
RuckSack 48.png  Large Rucksack
RuggedPack 48.png  Rugged Pack
StowPackBlack 48.png  StowPack
Aviators 48.png  Aviators
EyepatchLeft 48.png  Eyepatch
SunglassesABlack 48.png  Metal Sunglasses
SunglassesBBlack 48.png  Plastic Sunglasses
BalaclavaBlack 48.png  Balaclava
Bandana 48.png  Bandana
DustMask 48.png  Dust Mask
GasMask 48.png  Gas Mask
HazmatMask 48.png  Hazmat Mask
HeadSack 48.png  Burlap Sack
HockeyMask 48.png  Hockey Mask
CanvasShoes 48.png  Canvas Shoes
CombatBootsBlack 48.png  Combat Boots
FlipFlops 48.png  Flip Flops
HitopsBlack 48.png  Hi-tops
Sneakers 48.png  Sneakers
SteeltoedBootsBlack 48.png  Steel-toed Boots
TennisShoes 48.png  Tennis Shoes
MilitaryGloves 48.png  Military Gloves
WoolGlovesBlack 48.png  Wool Gloves
BandanaHat 48.png  Bandana (Hat)
BaseballCap 48.png  Baseball Cap
BeanieBrown 48.png  Beanie
BeretBlack 48.png  Military Beret
BikeHelmetBlack 48.png  Bike Helmet
ChristmasHat 48.png  Christmas Hat
CowboyHat 48.png  Cowboy Hat
Flexcap acfrontback black 48.png  Flex Cap
FootballHelmetAmerica 48.png  Football Helmet
GhillieHood1 48.png  Ghillie Hood
HeadbandAqua 48.png  Headband
Headlamp 48.png  Headlamp
DorfmanPacific 48.png  Outback Hat
JackOLanternHelmet 48.png  Pumpkin Head
MilitaryHelmetGreen 48.png  Military Helmet
MotorcycleHelmetCarbon 48.png  Motorcycle Helmet
SwatHelmet 48.png  Swat Helmet
WeldersMask 48.png  Welders Mask
FlakVestGreen 48.png  Flak Vest
FootballPads 48.png  Football Pads
GhillieSuit1 48.png  Ghillie Suit
HazmatSuitBlue 48.png  Hazmat Suit
NoSleevesVestBlack 48.png  Sleeveless Vest
PoliceVestBlack 48.png  Police Vest
PuffyJacketAmerica 48.png  Puffy Jacket
RainJacketBlack 48.png  Rain Coat
TacticalVestBlack 48.png  Tactical Vest
BlueJeans 48.png  Jeans
CargoPantsBlack 48.png  Cargo Pants
CargoShortsBlack 48.png  Cargo Shorts
TrackPantsBlack 48.png  Track Pants
WandererPantsBlack 48.png  Wanderer Pants
NecklaceCrossChrome 48.png  Cross Necklace
ScarfAqua 48.png  Scarf
ShoulderPadOneSide 48.png  Shoulder Pad
ButtonupShirtBlack 48.png  Shirt
CottonShirtBlue 48.png  Longsleeve Shirt
Hoodie 48.png  Hoodie
LeatherJacketBlack 48.png  Leather Jacket
MilitaryJacketGreen 48.png  Military Jacket
Sweater 48.png  Knitted Sweater
TshirtAmalgamatedBlack 48.png  T-Shirt
CraftedFannyPack 48.png  Crafted Fanny Pack
FannyPackBlack 48.png  Fanny Pack

MushroomAntiRad 48.png  AntiRad Mushroom
AnimalGut 48.png  Animal Guts
AppleFresh 48.png  Apple
BearMeatRaw 48.png  Bear (Meat)
BeefStew 48.png  Beef Stew
Beets 48.png  Beets
Berries 48.png  Berries
BrushPeas 48.png  Brush Peas
CannedMeat 48.png  Canned Meat
Carrots 48.png  Carrot
CerealBox 48.png  Cereal Box
ChickenRaw 48.png  Chicken (Meat)
HersheysBar 48.png  Chocolate Bar
ClamSingle 48.png  Clam
CornCan 48.png  Corn
DeerMeatSteakRaw 48.png  Deer Meat
DogFoodCan 48.png  Dog Food
MushroomFood 48.png  Edible Mushroom
EggChicken 48.png  Egg
MushroomHeal 48.png  Healing Mushroom
Honeycomb 48.png  Honeycomb
MRE 48.png  MRE
NutSpread 48.png  Nut Spread
PeachesCan 48.png  Peaches
PearsCan 48.png  Pears
PeasCan 48.png  Peas
Potatoes 48.png  Potatoes
Pumpkin 48.png  Pumpkin
Radishes 48.png  Radishes
RavioliCan 48.png  Ravioli
Salt 48.png  Salt
Seaweed 48.png  Seaweed
SnapPeas 48.png  Snap Peas
SoupCan 48.png  Soup
Tomatoes 48.png  Tomatoes
TunaCan 48.png  Tuna
Watermelon 48.png  Watermelon
WolfMeatSteakRaw 48.png  Wolf Meat
BeerCan 48.png  Beer Can
EnergyDrinkCan 48.png  Energy Drink
MiniBottleGin 48.png  Gin Mini-bottle
CokeCan 48.png  Josta
PepsiCan 48.png  Plebsi
SpriteCan 48.png  Smite
TomatoJuiceCan 48.png  Tomato Juice
DrPepperCan 48.png  Veinte Tres
MiniBottleVodka 48.png  Vodka Mini-bottle
MiniBottleWhiskey 48.png  Whiskey Mini-bottle
CocktailGinAndTonic 48.png  Gin and Tonic
CocktailRedEye 48.png  Red Eye
CocktailVodkaSmite 48.png  Vodka Smite
CocktailWhiskeyCola 48.png  Whiskey Cola
CivCanteen01 48.png  Canteen
WaterskinCraftedDeer 48.png  Deer Waterskin
MilitaryCanteenMetal 48.png  Metal Military Canteen
MilitaryCanteenPlastic 48.png  Plastic Military Canteen
WaterBottle 48.png  Water Bottle
Camping water jug 48.png  Water Jug
WaterskinCraftedWolf 48.png  Wolf Waterskin

Crafting Items 
Amalgaduino 48.png  Amalgaduino
AnimalFat 48.png  Animal Fat
BarbedWireCoil 48.png  Barbed Wire Coil
BearPelt 48.png  Bear Pelt
C4Bricks 48.png  C4 Bricks
CamoNetting 48.png  Camo Netting
Cloth bag large 48.png  Large Bag
DeerPelt 48.png  Deer Pelt
Lumber 48.png  Lumber
Nails 48.png  Nails
PaintCan Aqua 48.png  Paint
PipeMetal 48.png  Metal Pipe
Plywood 48.png  Plywood
Power pole 48.png  Power Pole
PropaneHeaterTop 48.png  Propane Heater Top
PropaneTank 48.png  Propane Tank
Rocks 48.png  Rocks
Rope 48.png  Rope
SawBlade 48.png  Saw Blade
ScrapMetal 48.png  Scrap Metal
SheetMetal 48.png  Sheet Metal
Small generator 48.png  Small Generator
SolarPanelPiece 48.png  Solar Panel Piece
StickPile 48.png  Stick Pile
TargetPaper 48.png  Target Paper
Tarp 48.png  Tarp
Thatch 48.png  Thatch
Water barrel 48.png  Water Barrel
WolfPelt 48.png  Wolf Pelt
WoodPile 48.png  Wood Log
WorkLight 48.png  Work Light

AmcoinLedger 48.png  AmCoin Ledger
ElectricalParts 48.png  Electrical Parts
FireDrill 48.png  Fire Drill
Hacksaw 48.png  Hacksaw
Lighter 48.png  Lighter
Matches 48.png  Matches
PoliceHandcuffKey 48.png  Police Handcuff Key

Guide basic 48.png  Base Traps 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Base Traps 2 Guide
Guide specialized.png  Curved Guide
Guide specialized.png  Gatehouse Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Platforms 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Platforms 2 Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Ramps 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Ramps 2 Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Roofs Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Stairs 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Stairs 2 Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Walls 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Walls 2 Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Bridges 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Bridges 2 Guide
Guide specialized.png  Electrical Guide
Guide specialized.png  Gallows Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Medical Guide
Guide advanced.png  Tire Stacks Guide
Guide specialized.png  Watchtower Guide
Guide advanced.png  Storage Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Explosives 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Explosives 2 Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Melee Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Ranged Weapons 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Ranged Weapons 2 Guide
Guide specialized.png  Ranged Weapons 3 Guide
Guide basic 48.png  Traps 1 Guide
Guide advanced.png  Traps 2 Guide

22x10 ruger 48.png  10Rnd .22
57x50 48.png  50Rnd 5.7mm
9mmx10 48.png  10Rnd 9mm
9mmx10 makarov 48.png  10Rnd Makarov 9mm
9mmx19 48.png  19Rnd 9mm
9mmx19 ap85 48.png  19Rnd AP85 9mm
9mmx33 48.png  33Rnd 9mm
10mmx15 48.png  15Rnd Vector 10mm
10mmx30 48.png  30Rnd MP55 10mm
Acp 45x7 48.png  7Rnd .45 ACP
Acp 45x10 hk 48.png  10Rnd HK .45 ACP
Acp 45x20 48.png  20Rnd .45 ACP
Acp 45x30 48.png  30Rnd .45 ACP
357x14 48.png  14Rnd .357
STANAGx30 48.png  30Rnd STANAG
556x30 ak5d 200.png  556x30
545x30 48.png  30Rnd 5.45mm
762x30 48.png  30Rnd 7.62mm mag
762x5 48.png  5Rnd ACAW 7.62
M40x5 48.png  5Rnd M40
40  762x20 AKVal
Large Capacity 
556x100 48.png  5.56 Box

First Aid 
AdvancedBandage 48.png  Antiseptic Bandage
AntibioticBandage 48.png  Antibiotic Bandage
Antibiotics 48.png  Antibiotics
AntiradiationPills 48.png  AntiRad Pills
Aspirin 48.png  Aspirin
Bandage 48.png  Bandage
HeatPack 48.png  Heat Pack
PotassiumIodidePills 48.png  Potassium Iodide Pills
Rags 48.png  Rags
RubbingAlcohol 48.png  Rubbing Alcohol
WaterPurificationTablets 48.png  WaterPure Tablets

Repair Kits
RK Canvas 48.png  Repair Kit (Canvas Items)
RK Cloth 48.png  Repair Kit (Cloth Items)
RK Leather 48.png  Repair Kit (Leather Items)
RK Teflon 48.png  Repair Kit (Teflon Items)
RepairKitBlue 48.png  Repair Kit (Equipment)
RepairKitBlack 48.png  Repair Kit (Helmets)
RepairKitRed 48.png  Repair Kit (Primary Weapons)
RepairKitGreen 48.png  Repair Kit (Secondary Weapons)

Gardening Seeds 
SeedsBeets 48.png  Beet Seeds
SeedsBrushPeas 48.png  Brush Pea Seeds
SeedsCarrots 48.png  Carrot Seeds
SeedsPotatoes 48.png  Seed Potato Pieces
SeedsPumpkins 48.png  Pumpkin Seeds
SeedsRadishes 48.png  Radish Seeds
SeedsSnapPeas 48.png  Snap Pea Seeds
SeedsTomatoes 48.png  Tomato Seeds
SeedsWatermelons 48.png  Watermelon Seeds

Vehicle Parts 
CarBattery 48.png  Car Battery
DriveBelt 48.png  Drive Belt
JerryCanDiesel 48.png  Jerry Can
Oil 48.png  Oil
SparkPlugs 48.png  Spark Plugs
TowCable 48.png  Towing Cable
Wheel 48.png  Wheel

ForegripVertical 48.png  AM-5 Vertical Foregrip
LaserSight 48.png  Laser Sight
Muzzle Attachment 
CraftedPistolSilencer 48.png  Crafted Pistol Silencer
CraftedSilencer 48.png  Crafted Rifle Silencer
FlashlightPistol 48.png  Pistol Flashlight
PistolSilencer 48.png  Pistol Silencer
BayonetRifle 48.png  Rifle Bayonet
FlashlightRifle 48.png  Rifle Flashlight
RifleSilencer 48.png  Rifle Silencer
ReflexSight 48.png  Holo Sight
HuntingScope 48.png  Hunting Scope
IronsightKit 48.png  Ironsight Kit
OpticScope 48.png  Optic Scope
R3Sight 48.png  R3 Sight
OpticScopeBow 48.png  Recurve Bow Optic Scope
ReflexSightBow 48.png  Recurve Bow Holo Sight
ReddotSight 48.png  Reddot Sight
T1Micro 48.png  Red Dot Sight
ReflexSight 48.png  Reflex Sight

Usable Equipment 
Binoculars 48.png  Binoculars
DuctTape 48.png  Duct Tape
Flashlight 48.png  Flashlight
GridMap 48.png  Grid Map
Guitar 48.png  Guitar
Map 48.png  Map
Maglite 200.png  Megalite
Megaphone 48.png  Megaphone
PoliceHandcuffs 48.png  Police Handcuffs
MagliteSmall 48.png  Small Megalite
Cb radio 48.png  Survivotron VI

Axe 48.png  Axe
BaseballBat 48.png  Baseball Bat
KatanaBlackWidow 48.png  Black Widow
BaseballBatHerMajesty 48.png  Her Majesty
Katana 48.png  Katana
BaseballBatNails 48.png  Nailed Bat
BaseballBatSawBladeNails 48.png  Nailed Saw Bat
BaseballBatScrapNails 48.png  Nailed Scrap Bat
AxePatrick 48.png  Patrick's Axe
BaseballBatSawBlade 48.png  Sawblade Bat
Ranged - Bow 
CraftedBow 48.png  Crafted Bow
Crossbow 48.png  Crossbow
RecurveBow 48.png  Recurve Bow
Grenade Launcher 
M97 48.png  M97
Ranged - Long Gun 
ACAW 48.png  ACAW
AK5D 48.png  AK5D
AK74U 48.png  AK74U
AKVal 48.png  Ak Val
AKM 48.png  Assault Rifle
AT15 48.png  AT-15
AUMP45 48.png  AUMP 45
Bulldog 48.png  Bulldog
Model70 48.png  Carlington BA-70
CraftedSMG 48.png  Crafted 9mm SMG
CraftedRifle9mm 48.png  Crafted 9mm Rifle
CraftedRifleLong 48.png  Crafted 5.56 Long Rifle
CraftedShortRifle556 48.png  Crafted 5.56 Short Rifle
v  Cx8 Storm
Mk18 48.png  DD-Mk18
Sako 85 48.png  Hunting Rifle 85
M16Vietnam 48.png  M16 Vietnam
M4A1 48.png  M4A1
M4V5 48.png  M4V5
M40A5 48.png  M40A5
M249 48.png  M249
M16 48.png  Mod16 Assault
Model1873 48.png  Model 1873
MP5 48.png  MP55
R90 48.png  R90
Rem700 48.png  Renegade 700
RPK 48.png  The Comrade
AKMGold 48.png  The Dictator
Mk18Reaver 48.png  The Reaver
KrissV 48.png  Vector
VSS 48.png  VSS
Wasteland22 48.png  Wasteland .22
Ranged - Shotgun 
Shotgun870Tactical 48.png  870 Tactical 12ga
Rem870 48.png  AT-12 Shotgun
CraftedShotgun 48.png  Crafted Shotgun
SAS12 48.png  SAS12
AA12 48.png  THOR-12
Tranquilizer Gun 
TranquilizerGun 48.png  Tranquilizer Gun

Cleaver 48.png  Cleaver
CraftedHammer 48.png  Crafted Hammer
CraftedHatchet 48.png  Crafted Hatchet
CraftedPickaxe 48.png  Crafted Pickaxe
Crowbar 48.png  Crowbar
FahQPaddle 48.png  FahQ Paddle
Hammer 48.png  Hammer
Hatchet 48.png  Hatchet
HuntingKnife 48.png  Hunting Knife
LugWrench 48.png  Lug Wrench
Machete 48.png  Machete
MannequinArm 48.png  Mannequin Arm
NailKnuckles 48.png  Nail Knuckles
NailsPaddle 48.png  Nails Paddle
Pickaxe 48.png  Pickaxe
Pipe wrench 48.png  Pipe Wrench
PoliceBaton 48.png  Police Baton
Squeegee 48.png  Squeegee
StunBaton 48.png  Stun Baton
SurvivalKnife 48.png  Survival Knife
Torch 48.png  Torch
WoodPaddle 48.png  Wooden Paddle
G18Pistol 48.png  9mm Handgun
ColtPython 48.png  .357 Revolver
AP85 48.png  AP85
CraftedLongPistol 48.png  Crafted 9mm Long Pistol
CraftedPistol 48.png  Crafted 9mm Pistol
CraftedPistol556 48.png  Crafted 5.56 Pistol
ColtPythonGrimeyRick 48.png  Grimey Rick
Hk45 48.png  HK45
M1911a1 48.png  M1911-A1
M9A1 48.png  M9A1
MAK10 48.png  MAK10
Makarov 48.png  Makarov PM
Ruger22 48.png  MKIII .22
P350 48.png  P350
Peacemaker 48.png  Peacekeeper
PX4 48.png  PX4
SawedShotgun 48.png  Sawed off AT-12 Shotgun
CraftedShortShotgun 48.png  Short Crafted Shotgun
Ranged-Flare Gun 
FlareGun 48.png  Flare Gun

TrapCans2mPacked 48.png  Cans Trap 2m
TrapCansPacked 48.png  Cans Trap
TrapFlare2mPacked 48.png  Flare Trap 2m
TrapFlarePacked 48.png  Flare Trap
TrapSmokeGrenadeWhitePacked2m 48.png  Smoke Trap 2m
TrapSmokeGrenadeWhitePacked 48.png  Smoke Trap
TrapBearTrapPacked 48.png  Bear Trap
TrapC4Packed2m 48.png  C4 Trap 2m
TrapC4Packed 48.png  C4 Trap
TrapGrenadeFrag2mPacked 48.png  Frag Grenade Trap 2m
TrapGrenadeFragPacked 48.png  Frag Grenade Trap
TrapMolotov2mPacked 48.png  Molotov Trap 2m
TrapMolotovPacked 48.png  Molotov Trap
TrapNerveGrenadePacked2m 48.png  Nerve Gas Trap 2m
TrapNerveGrenadePacked 48.png  Nerve Gas Trap
TrapPipebombPacked2m 48.png  Pipebomb Trap 2m
TrapPipebombPacked 48.png  Pipebomb Trap
TrapPropanePacked2m 48.png  Propane Trap 2m
TrapPropanePacked 48.png  Propane Trap
TrapShotgunSide2mPacked 48.png  Shotgun Side Trap 2m
TrapShotgunSidePacked 48.png  Shotgun Side Trap
TrapSleepGrenadePacked2m 48.png  Sleep Gas Trap 2m
TrapSleepGrenadePacked 48.png  Sleep Gas Trap
TrapTearGrenadePacked2m 48.png  Tear Gas Trap 2m
TrapTearGrenadePacked 48.png  Tear Gas Trap

ChemlightBluePickup 48.png  Chemlight
FlashbangPickup 48.png  Flashbang
GrenadeSmokeGreenPickup 48.png  Smoke Grenade
EmptyBottle 48.png  Empty Bottle
GrenadePickup 48.png  Frag Grenade
GrenadeMolotovPickup 48.png  Molotov Cocktail
GrenadeGasNervePickup 48.png  Nerve Gas Grenade
PipebombPickup 48.png  Pipebomb
C4TimedPickup 48.png  Timed C4
GrenadeGasSleepPickup 48.png  Sleep Gas Grenade
GrenadeGasTearPickup 48.png  Tear Gas Grenade