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The Junkyard is a location in Orca Island.


The Junkyard is an abandoned industrial area located near the northwest corner of Orca Island, with Hayward Valley to the east, and Woodhaven to the south.

The southeastern half of the Junkyard consists of several warehouses, and contains the Vehicle Paint Shop, which is marked by a  Paintshop.png  icon on the Map.

The vehicle wrecking yard forms the northeastern half of the Junkyard. It is littered with vehicle wrecks, tyre heaps, junk piles, containers and abandoned trailers.


The Junkyard is a hotspot for vehicle parts spawns, as well as the occasional base part(s). There are also random hiding spots around the area that may contain uncommon loot, such as weapon attachments.


  • The Junkyard was added to the game in Update #62
  • There are 4 metal base piece spawn spots at the Junkyard.