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The Large Fat Candle is a placeable crafting product used in Base Building.


The Large Fat Candle is a Base Building component, used primarily as small heat and light source. It is the larger counterpart of the Small Fat Candle.

The Large Fat Candle is a crafting product, and cannot be found by looting.


To place the item, players will need to right-click the item in their inventories, and choose "Place". A preview of the item's placement will appear in front of the player's field of view, bound to the player's movement and direction.

Rotation of the part can be done by holding the Alt key, and moving the mouse side to side. If the placement of the item is suitable, the item will be highlighted in green. If the placement is invalid, the item will be highlighted in red.

Players will only be able to build within 30 meters of a Plot Sign.


The following resources are required to craft a Large Fat Candle:

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