Long sleeve shirts are basic collared shirts with buttons, often made from cotton. They go well with Outback Hats for a casual outdoor look. Long sleeve shirts come in a variety of colors, though camouflage patterns are recommended from a survival standpoint.

Long sleeve shirts can be torn into Rags if necessary. If extra shirts are found, a good survival tip is to shred the extras into rags, as one will more likely need those more than a change of clothes.

Color Icon
Orange Long Sleeve Shirt Orange Icon
Red Longsleeveshirtred46
Pink Long Sleeve Shirt Pink Icon
Blue Miscreatedlongsleeveblueicon
Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Icon
Woodland Miscreatedlongsleevecamo1icon
Realtree Miscreatedlongsleevecamo3icon
Desert Miscreatedlongsleevecamo2icon