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The MKIII .22 is a ranged weapon that fires .22 Rounds. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The MKIII .22 is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed .22 calibre handgun. It fires up to 10 .22 rounds from the 10Rnd .22 magazine.

The weapon has a distinct appearance, lacking the slide found on conventional pistols. Instead, it sports a cylindrical bolt which cycles inside a tubular receiver.


Hitbox Damage
Head 340
Torso 34
Upper Arms 17
Lower Arms 8.5
Legs 17

Supported Attachments[]

The MKIII .22 features 1 attachment slot:

Weapon Skins[]

The following weapon skins are available for the MKIII .22:

Preview (click to enlarge) Description Acquirement
RugerHunterSkin 2048.png 22 Hunter Skin Hunter skin for the .22 pistol. Random.
RugerGoldenSkin 2048.png 22 Golden Gun Skin Golden Gun skin for the .22 pistol. Random.