The Map is a piece of equipment that can only be equipped in Belt Slots.

Overview Edit

The Map is a small, portable piece of equipment that aids Players in navigation. It is a navigational map which displays roads, settlements, and points of interest around Orca Island. The Map also marks out areas that have been blocked off by the developers, visible as red boundaries.

The Map can only be equipped in Belt Slots, and equipped using the [Utility Slot 5] or [Utility Slot 6] keys. Equipping the Map makes the Player hold out the map in front of their character, allowing it to be read in first-person view.

Maps are most commonly found on map display stands located around Orca Island.

A topographical version of the Map exists, called the Grid Map.

The Map is updated to be synchronised with the Official Map.

Trivia Edit

  • The Map was added to the game in Patch #31
  • As of Update #63, newly spawned or respawning Players will have a Map in their inventories

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